Friday, September 28, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER The role of the insurance company. Their computer, redux.

In another volume, I talked about ‘Colossus’, a program used by many insurance companies, notably Allstate, to value, and many would argue, undervalue Maryland automobile accident claims. Many Maryland car accident lawyers have suggested for years the program can be manipulated to produce unfair “lowball” offers. Over the summer, a former Allstate employee gave some credence to that argument. The Chicago Tribune [6/4/12] quotes the former insurance insider as stating: “the real reason insurance companies are willing to invest millions in these [computer] systems is that they can dial down claims' payments to thousands of consumers at a time, regardless of whether these payouts are fair." Of course, there is really nothing even the most skilled Maryland car accident lawyer can do about the use of Colossus or other systems. The only real option is to reject the Colossus number, file suit, and let the jury decide the true value of a Maryland automobile accident claim.

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