Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER The role of the insurance company, revisited.

I devoted a lot of internet real estate lately trying to convey the wealth, size, resources, and collective mentality of the property/casualty insurance industry. It’s difficult to paint this picture for the typical Baltimore car accident victim. Certainly, there have been some generalizations that would not apply to ever insurer. But most of my Maryland car accident lawyer colleagues would agree that the individual insurers cannot argue the financial figures demonstrating their enormous profitability- as it comes from their own spreadsheets. Let’s look at one further example. Imagine that you were under subpoenas and court orders to turn over certain documents. You routinely thumbed your nose at judges, senators, and state officials, and refused to produce anything, coming to the proceeding with an empty box. Imagine that the reason these judges, senators  and state officials wanted these documents is because they believed they would show that you routinely and systematically mistreated and took advantage of your family. But you just said no, you guys aren’t getting anything. How many days would you spend in jail, if you ever got out at all? Maryland car accident lawyers that follow the insurance industry know that one industry behemoth engaged in this very behavior for years.

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