Friday, September 14, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER The role of the insurance company - "...bum-pa-dum-pa-dum-pum"

We are Farmers, and we make a lot of money. Farmer’s Insurance Group is the nation’s third largest auto insurance company [or fifth, depending on how you crunch the numbers]. Maryland car accident lawyers know that a few years ago, Farmers purchased 21st Century Insurance – for 1.9 billion dollars. That sounds like a massive sum, and it is, but that’s also about what Farmer’s declared in profits -for just one recent year. Modern insurance companies are so diversified that their bottom line is not wholly dependent on limiting the amount paid out in claims, but that business model still exists. Maryland car accident lawyers are well aware that two methods to limit claim payouts [and increase profits] are to pay as little as possible per claim, or to just deny claims outright.

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