Friday, July 27, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER -The "independent" witness

Maryland car accident lawyers and lawyers who generally try their cases know that few witnesses are truly independent. Most witnesses either know the person they are testifying for, or work for them, or have a business, family and/or personal relationship. But not all witnesses have those potential biases. Certainly there are cases where someone simply witnesses something that happens to someone else, e.g. a Baltimore car accident. They don't know the participants, only see the event, i.e. an "independent witness". Maryland caraccident lawyers know the value. Many times judges and juries are confronted with two people telling equally unbelievable stories of the same event. Since neither story is worthy of belief, they may decide not to believe either. Since the plaintiff has the burden of proving their story is the correct one, that scenario results in a defense verdict. If the independent witness, however, corroborates the plaintiffs version, it may lend just enough credibility to that story that the jurors or judge accept it. If you're involved in a Baltimore car accident, and medically are able to do so, scour the area for people that may have seen what happened. Be sure to get a name, vantage point, and full contact information.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I was in a Maryland Car Accident: What are my obligations?

Maryland car accident lawyers frequently get calls from prospective clients who have just been involved in an automobile accident. Often, those individuals are interested in gauging their responsibilities under the law. The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident involving death or injury must stop, stay at the scene, and render aid as applicable. Both drivers must provide their name, address, registration number, show his or her DL if asked, and provide insurance information. The information must be provided to both other driver[s] involved, as well as to the police. Seasoned Maryland car accident lawyers know that drivers involved in an accident causing injury must report that fact, and file their insurance information with the MVA.