Thursday, June 28, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER Can I sue a business if their employee injures me?

Maryland car accident attorneys are well aware that if an employee of a business commits an act of negligence that injures another, [e.g. causing a Baltimore car accident] while conducting the business of that employer, an injury victim may seek to recover damages from the employee that hurt them, or, from the business itself. Many Maryland car accident lawsuits are built on this principle, called respondeat superior.
Now, what if the negligent individual is not an employee of business, but rather an independent contractor- doing work for the business, but not actually employed by the business? Seasoned Maryland car accident attorneys know as a general rule, the business that uses an independent contract to perform work is not liable for the negligence of that contractor, or the negligence of the employees of that contractor. In Appiah v. Hall, the Maryland Court of Appeals discussed two exceptions to the general rule, but the exceptions aren't applicable to the typical Baltimore car accident.

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