Thursday, May 10, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER I won. Do I get to collect more than the policy limit?

Maryland car accident lawyers know the answer is "yes", but it's not easy. One scenario is the "excess judgment". For example, assume your Maryland auto accident case goes to trial, and you receive $40,000, and the defendant was insured for  $30,000. Who pays that extra $10,000. In most situations, and most Maryland car accident lawyers would agree, the defendant does, but collecting that $10,000 may be extremely difficult. Another option would be, upon a showing that the insurance company negligently failed to provide a defense, that the insurance company becomes liable for the excess.  Seasoned Maryland car accident lawyers are well aware that although this claim belongs to the insured defendant, and not to the Baltimore auto accident victims, there are ways to obtain the right to sue the insurer directly.

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