Friday, November 16, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER I was in a car accident at work.

The bad news is, you were in a Baltimore car accident. The good news is, you likely have more than one potential source of recovery. Typically, if you are hurt at work, you’re limited to worker’s compensation benefits. And, if you are hurt by the negligence of another, you generally recover from that person, or their insurance. Maryland car accident lawyers now an exception to these rules occurs if someone is injured, in an accident caused by a third person, while they are on the clock. Your employer [or their worker’s compensation insurance company] will pay your lost wages and medical expenses. But aggressive Maryland car accident lawyers will also file a claim against that third party, in which you can recovery for wages, medical, and also pain and suffering, which is not awardable in worker’s compensation. The downside, that worker’s compensation insurance company will have a lien on any recovery you get from that third party.

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