Friday, August 10, 2012

MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER What are all these statements I have to give?

Maryland car accident lawyers would probably be unanimous in telling you not to talk to anyone but them after a Baltimore car accident. At some point, your insurance company may want to take a statement from you. If you've retained a Maryland car accident lawyer to assist you, discuss the procedure and game plan, but you'll generally always need to cooperate with your insurance company. If you've filed a PIP or UM/UIM claim, your insurance company [or the insurance company you're claiming under] may want to take an examination under oath, or EUO, or what is sometimes called a recorded statement. There again, there is generally a duty to cooperate with your own insurer, and failing to do so may lead to the denial of benefits. If your Maryland car accident lawyer has filed suit on your behalf, the other side will take your deposition as part of that litigation.

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